Peer-reviewed original papers by seminar students

  1. 香川涼亮; 小倉利仁; 太田 充; 牛島光一 "Measuring the Economic Impact on Land Prices of Announcement of the Tokyo Winning the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games" Urban Housing Sciences/97/pp.126-135, 2017-04
  2. 姜 哲敏; 太田 充; 牛島光一 "Effects of Air Quality on Land Prices Evidence from the Land Prices of Tokyo Metropolitan Area" Journal of applied regional science/20/pp.67-77, 2016-09


  1. Master:
  2. Master:
  3. Master:


  1. Master:(西塚)
  2. Master:(ルトシキン・キリル)
  3. Master:(WANG)


  1. PhD: Analysis of the impact of event commitments and disaster risk on land prices (Kagawa)
  2. Master: Effects of working hours on health: Does long working hours increase obesity? (Fujimaki)
  3. Master: New Technology Introduction and Productivity Analysis in Homogeneous Goods Oligopoly Market (Miyashita)
  4. Bachelor(Major in Urban and Regional Planning): Quantitative Analysis of Migration Behavior in Urban Areas (Sakamaki)
  5. Bachelor(Major in Urban and Regional Planning): Impact of World Heritage Registration on Surrounding Land Prices (Hirotsu)


  1. Master: The effect of public health expenditure on housing price in China
  2. Master: Policy Evaluation of “One Belt, One Road” Participation : Estimation by GTAP Model
  3. Master: Can Building an Airport Alleviate Poverty in a Highland Area?: An Empirical Study in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China
  4. Master: Effect Analysis of the Impact of Shanghai Property Tax Policy on Housing Prices
  5. Bachelor(Social and Economic Sciences): Impact of station opening and surrounding facilities on land prices ~For Tsukuba Station and Moriya Station~
  6. Bachelor(Management Science and Engineering): Effects of Perception of Liquefaction Risk on Household Location
  7. Bachelor(Major in Urban and Regional Planning): Changes in land prices due to stadium construction


  1. Master: The relationship between the quality of public secondary schools in China and housing prices within school districts -Empirical analysis using Futian Ward, Shenzhen-
  2. Master: Effect Analysis of Housing Regulation Policy in Eastern China
  3. Master: The Impact of China's High Speed Rail on Urban Tourism and Employment
  4. Bachelor(Major in Urban and Regional Planning): Quantitative Analysis of Urban Center Transformation by Introduction of LRT


  1. PhD: Empirical research on the impact of air pollution on land prices (Actual supervisor: Assistant Professor Koichi Ushijima)
  2. Master: The Impact of Increased Inbound Consumption on Land Prices -A Case Study of Tokyo's 23 Wards-
  3. Master: Impact Analysis of Urban Rail Transit on Residential Property Values: A Case Study of Chongqing
  4. Master: The Impact of Urban Transportation Development on Housing Prices -Case Study of the Five Central Districts of Chengdu, China-
  5. Master: The impact of the redevelopment of Tiexi District in Shenyang on housing prices

Before 2016

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